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Robert F. Bernstock, business leader and consultant

June 16, 2016
In addition to his extensive career in the business industry, Robert F. Bernstock has worked significantly as a consultant to other business leaders, providing his vast knowledge and expertise to emerging and growing companies. Serving as president, CEO, executive vice president and Board of Directors member across multiple industries and various companies -- including three Fortune 1000 companies where he both worked and served on the Board -- Bernstock amassed experience and information that allowed him to share his skills and know-how with others who strived to accomplish the same feats.

Specifically, beginning in February 2011, Robert Bernstock began a five-year consulting agreement with Central Garden and Pet Company. This partnership consulting work allowed him to provide valuable insight to the company as it strived to grow to an industry leader. The business is a leading national marketer in its category, producing various branded products within the pet supplies and lawn-and-garden markets. Among his consulting positions, this particular job allowed Bernstock to share his immense expertise with a growing company through January 2016. He plans to continue consulting work of a similar magnitude in the future, including short- and long-term agreements.